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4-6 cylinders full silent motor pump

4-6 cylinders full silent motor pump

From simple supportive products for irrigation machines, the motor pump sets have evolved more and more, until becoming essential for the market modern needs. The worldwide demand of these products has grown greatly, just like our productive skills and our product range availability. Ferbo proposes a wide variety of combinations, one of the most complete on the business, providing engines and pumps supplied by the best international brands.

All our motor pumps are highly customizable, with power and performances adaptable according to each one personal work needs. Additionally we can provide also lots of optional accessories like latest generation control panels, partial and complete soundproofing, different dedicated priming systems, high capacity fuel tanks up to 1000 lt, various suction and delivery kits and anticorrosive treatments and special paintings. Besides the agricultural field, Ferbo provides pumps also for several different applications: selfpriming pumps, industrial pumps, slurry pumps, fire-fighting units and more.

Our wide motorpump sets selection includes also a range for low-medium flow, available with air-cooled engines (From 1 to 3 cylinders) and liquid cooled (From 2 to 4 cylinders).

We can grant the product compactness. thanks to the combination of Lombardini and Kohler engines, together with Rovatti pumps flanged range.

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